Take Action - Put Cameras in the Legislature!

Take Action - Put Cameras in the Legislature!

Want a bill you can support in the Kansas Legislature?

There is a bill that would require web-based video simulcasting of KS Legislative committee sessions. This way you could not only see what your legislator is doing but you can watch and replay such classic lines as "If I were a woman over 50, I wouldn't need gynecological services" Rep Rothlisberg (R-Junction City) this year in committee.

But guess what: The committee Chair (Rep. Marc Rhoades) wont even let the bill get a hearing.

A little sunlight is a great disinfectant and Topeka is getting pretty moldy.

Let the committee chair know that you’d like HB 2438 to be heard.

Don't take Democracy for granted! Be tactful and email the man that is stopping this bill from being heard: 

Email Rep. Rhoades (R-Newton)


or call




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