Kansas Moderate Party calls out Kansas Republican Party on silence over Child Sex crimes

For Immediate Release:

May 22, 2015


Kansas Moderate Party calls out Kansas Republican Party on silence over Child Sex crimes


In the wake of confirmed allegations against Josh Duggar, The Moderate Party of Kansas calls upon The Kansas Republican Party, Senator Pat Roberts, Congressman Huelskamp, and Governor Sam Brownback to denounce their close ties to Josh Duggar and the Family Research Council.

 The Family Research Council is an organization that has benefited from Josh Duggar’s celebrity and has enjoyed profound exposure and benefits from that relationship. The Family Research Council’s message includes rhetoric implying that the LGBT community is a threat to children. As the public is now aware, it is in fact Josh Duggar who is a threat to children and has campaigned on behalf of Governor Sam Brownback, Senator Pat Roberts, and the Kansas Republican Party in 2014

 Governor Sam Brownback’s 2014 campaign made particular issue of his opponent’s ties to individuals participating in campaign activity who were registered sex offenders making this a germane and logical request given the standard the Governor set during that period. 

 Kansas deserves a response from the Governor, the state’s senior Senator, and The Kansas GOP regarding their ties to Josh Duggar, the Family Research Council, as well as an apology to Kansans for ignorantly profiting from their relationship with an organization that associates and benefits from the celebrity of an admitted child molester.  It needs to be clarified to what extents of in-kind or direct contributions were received by the 2014 Kansas Republican candidates by Josh Duggar.

 Governor Brownback continues to pay lip-service to child abuse prevention, but as recent as last month refused to attend his own Victim Rights Advocacy Conference.  Child poverty has increased along with a significant uptick in reporting of child abuse since 2010. The trend is so rampant and normalized for the Kansas Republican Party that earlier this year Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s own constituent services staffer was charged with 17 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, to date no statement denouncing these actions was made public by the Kansas Republican Party.

 The common sense people of Kansas demand a response and real action to protect the safety of our most valuable resource; our children.    








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