Former K-State Coach & Alumni Director Blasts Roberts

Former K-State Coach & Alumni Director Blasts Roberts

October 31, 2014


Senator Pat Roberts Video Disrespects K-Staters 

 Kansas Senator Pat Roberts released a video Thursday with an endorsement from Kansas State’s legendary football Coach Bill Snyder.

It has been learned that Coach Snyder never intended the video to be used as a campaign promotion.

University President Kirk Schulz has asked the Robert’s campaign not to use it because of existing policies that do not allow any university personnel to endorse any candidates for political office.

It is my understanding at this time, the Roberts Campaign has refused, and continues to post it on Robert’s face book.

As a former Executive Director of the Kansas State University Alumni Association, I encourage all K-Staters to contact Mr. Roberts, even if you support him, and remind him of the potential damage he is causing to our University by not complying with President Schulz’s request to stop showing the video.

By not complying with a University policy, Mr. Roberts will continue to disenfranchise Kansas State Alumni for his own personal gain which is grossly unfair to his alma mater.


Larry Weigel

Republicans For Kansas Values

1809 Kingwood Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66502


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