Start Representing Kansans...NOT ALEC!

The influence on lawmakers by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is becoming clear to Kansans.

It was best said in recent reporting by Republican Larry Weigel

"ALEC is an organization corrupting the democratic process in state legislatures throughout the country with model bills drafted behind closed doors to benefit the bottom line of corporations at the expense of the public." -Larry Weigel

Kansas is leading the parade among states in adopting ALEC’s fiscal policies with the help of Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick and Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle since both serve on ALEC’s board of directors.

"ALEC brings together corporate lobbyists and state legislators in a central location, like a fancy hotel, where they attend parties heavily subsidized by the same corporations that benefit from the introduction and passage of ALEC written bills the legislators take back to their home states," explains Weigel

ALEC's corporate sponsors include Koch Industries with backup lobby support from the Kansas Policy Institute, Americans For Prosperity, and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce who are strong advocates to block Medicaid Expansion, promote privatization of education and continue to support the tax exemption for pass through business owners even though our state's general budget is dealing with an $800 million gap between revenue and expenses as was recently reported in a May 20, 2015 news release by former Kansas budget director Duane Goossen, who now works for the Kansas Center for Economic Growth.

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Still not convinced? Take a look at what an investigative reporter turned up this week in Georgia


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