What we are all about!


The Moderate Party of Kansas

Declaration of Intentions

The state of affairs which surrounds us demands cooperation and compromise; we unite in the heart of the nation to bring balance, reason, and pragmatism to Kansas. The unabashed hubris of elected extremists has left Kansans disenfranchised and demoralized. In response, the establishment of the Moderate Party is not only desired but necessary to restore the democratic values of our state’s republican form of government. A new coalition is required in order to effectively maintain a multi-party system rather than regressing into one-party totalitarianism. By openly rejecting prior political labels and resolving to embrace the vast majority of Kansans, we seek camaraderie in cause and action.

Therefore, the Moderate Party of Kansas declares its intent to:

  • Hold voter registration events and encourage Kansans to vote for moderate candidates.
  • Bring awareness to the negative effects of the policies advocated by extremists.
  • Change the political climate in Kansas from divisiveness to inclusion.
  • Collaborate with Kansas groups that support moderate candidates and legislation.
  • Promote dialogues between diverse interest groups to achieve unity of purpose for the best interest of Kansas and the common good of its citizens.
  • Put forward common sense solutions that seek to promote pragmatic governance.





Our History

The Moderate Party of Kansas was founded in November 2012 by citizens dissatisfied with existing parties.

Throughout the 2013 Kansas Legislative Session the Moderate Party of Kansas gained momentum and formed the basis of its current executive committee. As a result of the Republican in-fighting during the 2013 Kansas Legislative Session many Kansans began to self-identify as “Moderates” or “Conservatives”. Subsequently, The Moderate Party of Kansas emerged as a strong alternative to the traditional strict allegiance to a Republican or Democratic platform and a counter-balance to far right groups like the "Tea Party".  

In May 2013, Former Senator of Kansas, Bob Dole, nationally recognized the division of the Republican Party and offered a suggestion to the GOP to “close for repairs”. The comments from the one-time presidential candidate reflect broad dissatisfaction with the state of the Republican Party, even among rank and file supporters. Nearly half of self-identified Republicans in an April Washington Post-ABC News poll said their party is “out of touch” with the concerns of most Americans.

The 2013 Kansas Legislative Session ended without resolution to the division of “Moderate” and “Conservative” Republicans. It was in this political atmosphere that The Moderate Party of Kansas further garnered support among both moderate-minded Democratic and Republican affiliated voters.

Throughout 2014 the Moderate Party continued to organize and grow a network of moderates across the state. Some areas of the state saw electoral victories but Governor Brownback was re-elected and has continued to politically polarize the electorate and neglect middle class working families. Poverty has continued to increase under the Brownback Administration.

In 2015 it became very apparent that the Brownback Tax Plan had placed the State of Kansas in fiscal crisis. Public Education and traditional basic state services were failing. By the end of the fiscal year the State of Kansas was experiencing a frightening $500 million revenue shortfall.

The Moderate Party continues to operate and is rapidly growing a statewide network of dissatisfied Kansans who wish to restore moderation, balance, and common sense back to governing. 

The Founders

Aaron Estabrook has in the past affiliated as both a Republican and Democrat but is now a registered Independent. Politically he has worked for Tim Huelskamp as a State Senator, Jim Sherow as a Congressional Candidate, and Greg Orman as an US Senate Candidate. 

Estabrook founded the Moderate Party in hope that it can serve as a centrist platform that brings moderate Republicans and Democrats together, "to find common ground in the face of extremism." Partisan fighting has polarized our country and resulted in failed policy. He is working to find solutions and the best ideas regardless of party labels.    

Originally from Dodge City, he is a graduate of Kansas State University and served in the U.S. Army. He was deployed to Afghanistan with the 2nd Infantry Division where his unit fought in southern Kandahar 2009-2010. 

He currently serves on the nonpartisan Manhattan-Ogden Board of Education.

Dave Warren, Leawood, has retired from a career as a city manager.  Dave also assisted the Republican Gov. Bill Graves' administration and served on his campaign. Dave brings a wealth of insight to areas of sustainable taxation, city management, and budgeting.